Would you believe

a bank can

protect life?

Would you believe

a bank can

change the world?

We are building a bank with regional impact with the aim of financing key sectors for the Latin American economy which generate a positive impact on society and on the environment.


The relationship of the human being with ideas

and Culture

We promote freedom in cultural life, which means that each person has the means and capabilities to build their own opinion, way of thinking, and understanding of reality. This freedom builds a more inclusive and sustainable society. To this end, we finance companies and institutions that promote development in the educational, artistic, cultural, and creative areas.

The relationship between human beings


Human dignity should be at the center of society, and that society cannot be sustained without first improving equity and social equality, generation of opportunities related to development and inclusion for all people, development of cities, social services, labor inclusion, migration, gender, among other spheres. We finance activities that promote human dignity, because Latin American society depends on achieving this sustainability.

The relationship of the human being with nature

Nature and

We imagine a world with products and services that encourage the responsible use of natural resources. Working toward this world, we finance initiatives that promote environmental sustainability like food value chains that contribute to healthy eating; renewable energy generation; industrial projects with sustainable practices, and conservation and environmental regeneration.


We see the bank as the heart of the economy, and the money as the blood flowing through it. In order to protect life, a healthy heart sends blood where the body needs it the most. A bank’s investments and the activities they finance define the type of society that is being created. In this sense, an Ethical Bank works as a healthy heart, connecting the initiatives that generate a positive impact on society and the environment with conscientious investors, aware that the purpose of a bank is as relevant as its profitability.


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